How do you guy's feel about Sonarworks Tru-Fi?

I've been using it for about a week and I'm surprised on how well it works. Basically what Sonarworks Tru-Fi does, is that it corrects the sound of your cans, to make them sound more like the recording studio. They correct the sound for each individual headphones (up to 287 headphones) or, you can send in your own headphone, and their engineers will correct them. So far from my experience, they make the 4XX sound a lot better; their software cleans up the sound, and seems to remove some of the grain at higher volumes. On my Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany, it noticeably brings out the detail, while decreasing the bass to make them sound more neutral, but I prefer not to enable it on my TH-X00. The software really brings out the vocals for the TH-X00, so if you own them for this purpose, I strongly recommend you try it. I use the TH-X00 for EDM and Hip-Hop, so I want that bass very present so I keep the software disabled. I haven't put much time on my 6XX with Sonarworks, and my 58X Jubilee are still not supported. I highly recommend you guys try the trial, to have that first-ear experience, and share back here. Let's talk! PS. Sonarworks Hi-Fi is on sale (-40%) for Black Friday until tomorrow. I picked it up, and will be testing all week.

Nov 27, 2018
I thought it was worth the try. I did have to adjust it further though due to some issues with distortion and clipping with the 6XX. Every headphone reacts differently to EQ and it's really not good enough to just know frequency response (CSDs are particularly interesting and helpful). I recommend people give it a shot (especially if you've never used EQ); just don't expect it to turn your headphones into unicorn-edition TOTL cans.
Nov 26, 2018
I used up the trial a while back with the 650's, definitely worth a try! A subtle difference but it was there, the only issue I had was weird software glitches and some sporadic clipping, especially in the bass region.