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Seeking comparison of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm, Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee, ATH M50, Bose QuietComfort II

Hello, I am looking for the best pair of closed back headphones that I can buy with a price point of $200-300. I currently own the HD 58X's -- this was a mistake, as I did not comprehend just how "open" these open-backed headphones would be, and cannot use them in the libraries or even at home due to outside noise. I am now looking to move laterally from the HD 58X's to a pair of closed-back headphones at a similar value. Initially, I looked to buy the Bose QuietComfort II's from a friend; however, after comparing these with the HD 58X's and my old ATH M50's (which I've owned for years and are my standard for headphones), I realized they were not an improvement at all and called off the deal. The highs were painful and the bass was nonexistent. Since both the HD 58X's and Bose QC II's were failures, I am soliciting more advice and perspective from this community for my next purchase. I'm hungrier than before and willing to shell out up to $300 (I'm a student so no big bucks here). I will also get a good beginner amp for these headphones. My three primary concerns, given this price range, are 1) closed-back, 2) higher quality than the M50's, and 3) highs that aren't painful (I've noticed I am particularly sensitive to harsh highs). The ideal situation is a pair of closed-back cans that match the sound stage of the HD 58X's. Of course, the HD 58X's being so highly regarded, I know this is a feat to accomplish. I would deeply appreciate any advice when comparing these headphones. Especially someone who can speak to the differences between the HD 58X's and the DT770's. I will continue my research to find value maximizing closed-back headphones in my price range. Until then, thanks for helping me out! Best, Outthere

Mar 24, 2019
Audio Technica ATH MSR7 B. Best closed-back cans for $250. Easily
Mar 14, 2019
Did you ever decide and if so on what?
Nov 28, 2018
My travel cans, on ear, not over, note. I use NC cans for air travel, these are for the sometimes not so quiet hotel rooms, so closed, but want the sq... Phonon SMB-O2 DS-DAC version using the Korg 100m DAC & Audiogate.

Nov 27, 2018
598Cs are a good rec. I'd also look at the Sennheiser HD1 Over-ear. More stylish and portable if that matters (they also sound a bit better in my opinion). Another option would be the Akg 550 family. Nice and warm, and best soundstage I've heard on a closed back. None of these needs an amp. I'd suggest staying away from any of the Beyers if you are treble sensitive. I like them personally, but they tend to bother people who are sensitive to highs.
Nov 27, 2018
If you like the Sennheiser sound try the HD 598 CB. They're essentially just closed HD 598s. If you can stretch your budget the Meze 99 is ~$310, and despite the slightly loose, flabby bass it's a very fun listen. Stay away from Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic and perhaps even Fostex; those companies' house sound have accentuated treble (in the case of eyerdynamic/Fostex, elevated bass and treble with sucked-out mids). Going to be honest; I haven't heard ANY closed-back cans that can match the soundstage/natural timbre of open headphones (granted, I haven't heard some closed-back flagships like the HD 820). For example, the LCD-XC was the worst Audeze LCD I've heard (and it's expensive as ****). Personally, I'm in that same boat of treble sensitivity.
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