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Dekoni ? Best replacement pads for the Meze 99 Classics?

Which replacement pads are the optimal choice for the Meze 99 Classics? The standard pads on the 99 are too hot around my ears. I much prefer my Shure1540's cool and breathable pads--> what is your recommendation? The Dekoni looks good, but I have no experience with them. Thank you.

You can try the Elite Velour pads from Dekoni; they'll be cooler (temperature-wise). Keep in mind that Dekoni calls it "velour" when it's really a lot closer to microfiber (not necessarily bad). Also, changing pads can make a really noticeable impact on sound quality (good or bad).
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You could go with a hybrid: velour on the surface that touches your face and sheepskin or some other material all-around. It's my usual go-to choice if I can't get away with fenestrated sheepskin.
I forgot about the hybrid pads. Yes, those are an option definitely worth looking into.