Nov 27, 2018

Good turntable, new or used

I became an owner of ~70 vintage vynil records overnight. I am looking for a turntable that would do them justice. Turntable I am looking for is in the sweet spot where the curve of cost vs benifit is starting to take off - namely, where small improvements to the sounds start costing a lot more, of that makes sense. One I found that seems in that sweet spot is the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB, but it's a little out of my price range. Are there any other options? Will consider used ones as well. Ideally want to stay under $500. Thanks!

Try the Music Hall mmf 1.5. $400. See Steve Guttenbergs review on cnet. Sweet. Built in the same factory as the Project Debut
Try looking at the Music Hall mmf 1.5. it's built in the same factory as the Project Debut turntable. It $400. Looks and sounds beautiful. Check out Steve Guttenbergs review on cnet. I love mine.
Having just gone through a similar exercise not too long ago, there are several entry level candidates that are solid. The Audio Technica LP 120, Project Carbon Debut DC, U Turn Orbit, and the TEAC TN-400 were my four finalists. Any of them would likely suit your needs. I ended up going with the TN-400 because it is by far the most visually attractive to me (it's a focal point in the room it is in) and I was able to grab it at a really good price. There weren't a lot of reviews out there on it, but I am pleasantly surprised by the sound.
A new Audio Technica AT-LP120 is $300 from Amazon and is pretty good for its price. I have one connected to my speakers.