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Anyone else having issues with lack of support from customer service about missing item?

Hello everyone, I am here because I do not know what else I can do at this point. For a little background, I purchased a headset back when Drop had their competing Amazon Prime Day sale. It was my first purchase ever from this company but I saw a good deal mentioned by a YouTuber and made the jump to purchase on sale. The product was definitely not cheap ($419) but in comparison to the cost before sale ($529), I thought it would be worth it. Fast forward a few days, I get a notification that shipment from carrier (UPS) would be delayed. I did not think much of it but followed up with it and update stated delivery scheduled to Friday, two days later than what was originally scheduled. Friday comes but no package. What's more concerning is that when I checked my email, Drop sent me something saying it was delivered Thursday. Apparently, the carrier changed from UPS to USPS without any explanation or notification as to why. Concerned, I asked my neighbors and leasing office if anything came under my name and they all said no. I checked our mail room and nothing. So immediately I contacted Drop Customer Service (7/23) explaining the situation which they replied to the following day (7/24). It was from someone named Matthew with instructions stating to wait a few days because carriers have a habit of marking delivered before actual delivery (never heard of that happening before but okay) and to not reply earlier than 7/26. I waited and nothing showed up. Asked neighbors and leasing office and nothing. Contacted USPS and nothing as well. I contacted Matthew from Drop explaining that nothing has arrived and thats where communication just ceased. No reply, since 7/24. I sent another email using Drop's website with screenshots of all contact and tracking info etc. This was 7/28. Today, 7/30, I have yet to receive any contact from Drop except from what it seems to be a generic response. I did some research into the company and saw this was not the first time something went missing with other customers. As a first time customer, I do not know if this is how they handle their customer service or what else to do. Sorry for the long read but I don't know where else to go. Hopefully this community can help me but $419+ is not cheap and this is an issue with their company if this is not the first time this has happened.

Admin User
Aug 10, 2022
Hi @Mee_owtH We sincerely apologize for this experience. We'll make sure your resolution is resolved by end of day. Thank you for your patience.
Aug 10, 2022
Rumors of “Customer Service” on this site have been greatly exaggerated!
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