Nov 27, 2018102 views

Has anyone tried the Baron Fig Squire?

Wondering if anyone here has used the Baron Fig Squire, rated as the BEST pen here:


That review left out brush pens and pencils (the kind made of wood), so I won’t trust it. But seriously, the author did mention Schneider, probably the most under-rated large scale pen manufacturer, at least in the U.S.
Best-lists are a dime a dozen on the web, and when you list 100 writing instruments a good many of them are bound to be winners. The ranking is complete nonsense in this case, however. It's more a ranking of marketing rather than product. You are certainly correct about Schneider, Germany's Pilot. However, I suspect they make the nymag list because of the charitable nature of their distributor, Stride. And the Squire tops the list because of the extremely high hipster score of the brand. Was I ranting?... Ooops, sorry.
Nah. There's nothing wrong with the Squire, but there are countless pens that are just as good or better, quite a few of them on that list. The list is fun, but really quite meaningless.
That New York Magazine article was ghastly. The author knows less than nothing about fountain pens. If there is a ballpoint or roller ball mentioned that caught your eye, do you research because I have no reason to think they have any credibility.
I've had one for over a year, and I love it. If I need to use a non-fountain pen, it is always the first pen I grab. The shape of the pen is elegant and comfortable, and it has a nicely weighted body that feels very solid.