Jan 24, 2017

home theater

Hey Massdrop.

Is there any way to add some A/V receivers drops? Marantz/Arcam Cambridge/denon/Onkyo would be awesome.


Most of these manufacturers rely on a well-established distribution chain, big box retailers for things like Onkyo and sadly... Denon/Marantz these days and dealer based networks for Arcam/Cambridge. You won't see a direct manufacturer drop because of those distribution methodologies but you may very well see collaborations, one-offs and close-out buys from retailers dumping stock. The last will unfortunately carry no manufacturers warranty.
I was wondering the same thing, but they need to have warranty coverage in the country of delivery, looking at you Onkyo and your hdmi issues.
My issue on this is that the discount on Massdrop is usually only a few dollars, when delivery and other charges are factored, and it takes too long to be delivered.