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Digital Writing vs Analog

I find a strange dissonance between wanting to digital and analog forms of writing and taking notes
I have, and love the tools of writing in analog fashion, i.e. paper and pens. But I'm more productive, and make more use of the data when it is done in a digital fashion. I've tried to use the livescribe to bridge that gap, but it just doesn't seem to work for me.
Does anyone else feel that way, and how do you solve it?
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To me, each format has its own uses, and they are pretty well separated. Anything I do for myself, I do with pen and paper. Solving a problem (you know, formulas and equations), taking notes when reading a paper or book, recipes for Stardew Valey, Hearthstone Arena log, Doodles, To do lists, Purging internal rants.... If I think I don't have enough to fill a notebook per month, I come up with things to do. Not Kidding. Anything that involves collaboration with others or needs to be read by others, I do digitally. The only time there was considerable overlap was when I wrote my thesis. I would write down my notes/ thoughts/ideas in bullet form on notebooks. Plots, 3D rendering and diagrams I did on my PC of course. When I felt I had everything I needed for a chapter I would write it all up on word processor.
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>"I find that I remember things much better when writing. It's a slower process, easier on the eyes, requires more thought and stays in front of me longer. It requires me to be more deliberate."<
Couldn't agree more. I can't absorb any but the most basic concepts without writing them out.
>"Of course, chicken scratch doesn't usually get translated correctly, so this system has limitations as well."<
I used a Lenovo X220 tablet notebook for a couple of years. Well before tablets and ipads became mainstream. The X220 has an actual Wacom tablet for a screen with 2K pressure resolution. Its chicken scratch recognition software was very impressive, even back then. And it only got better the more you used it. I tried ArtRage on it once and I was awed by what you can accomplish with it... if you have the talent. I don't. Despite the potential; even though you could undo/redo your hand writing; move, resize and rotate your drawings and equations; change the color of what you just wrote, etc. etc.; Despite it almost merging the best of both worlds, I still preferred keeping the two formats separate.
There just is no substitute for the physical aspect of "the trifecta". And, despite persistent attempts to replace it, the keyboard/mouse combination remains the most efficient means of getting things done.
I really really like typing notes because my handwriting is terrible. And frankly given my constant access to electronic devices it's worse than ever. BUT I love being able to annotate with drawings/pens.
A few CES's ago some one showed off some really cool digital paper that was actually paper but could use digital input to add words. It was something like $80 a sheet at that point, but it was perfect. Most of this is for meetings.
I really liked this idea from a few years ago https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1991486552/paper4everyone-write-show-share
It looks very similar to livescribe, though I do like that you don't necessarily have to pay for paper. That's one of my hesitancies - since I'm using a paid resource in the paper, it reduces the spontaneous note-taking as I can't wrap my brain around wasting money in that way.