Zenbivy should work with massdrop!
I found the Zenbivy company a while back but as with a lot of awesome camping gear I loved the idea but it was outside of my budget. This past summer I did a trans-America bike ride westbound and settled for a Kelty Dualist 22 that I found at a great discount. With a little more experience I now know that I would love to have some of the features of the Zenbivy bag but am also aware of the limitations. So here's a list of advantages of the Zenbivy bed over current mummy and quilt options I've found. I also just saw that they are launching an ultra-light version with more temperature options! I was going to suggest we could use the massdrop community to convince them to make lighter and warmer versions of the original but it looks like they already have and are gearing up for launch. still think it would make a great partnership! Pros of Zenbivy:
  • Air matt is secured underneath you, no more rolling off your air mat or sliding around. This turns your camping setup into a more solid bed platform
  • 2 piece design, it's a quilt and a sleeping bag. grab the quilt when its warm or you want to shed weight, use the full system when it gets colder and when it's worth the weight
  • flexibility, this is a big one for zenbivy. not only can you switch between bag and quilt, it attaches on both sides allowing for better movement and makes it ambidextrous. no matter how you sleep, there is no more futzing around with one-sided closures.
  • footbox goes from fully open to fully closed, a blanket to a square quilt footbox to a tight mummy footbox.
  • comfort comfort comfort! no more constriction, bunching, or worming around, the floating top sheet design allows body movement but keeps your blanket in place
anyway, I hope you get the gist. I'm sure the zenbivy team would be better at talking about the advantages of their product so I reached out to them and suggested they contact massdrop. product site and more info: https://zenbivy.com/ lastly the quick stats: price $242 original model: Temperature Rating: EN Limit: 23º F EN Comfort: 34º F   Trail Weight: 20R: 2 lb 5 oz 20L: 2 lb 9 oz 25L: 2 lb 10 oz   Shoulder/Hip/Foot Measurements: 20R: 68” x 58” x 42” 20L: 71” x 61” x 44” 25L: 76” x 66” x 44”   Quilt Dimensions (flat): 20R: 78” x 54” 20L: 86” x 58” 25L: 86” x 58” materials: Down: 700 fill-power HyperDry™ fluorocarbon free water-resistant 85/15 duck down   Shell: 20d Nylon Taffeta, coating-free, 380T, cire, fluorocarbon-free DWR, 36g/m2   Liner: 50d Polyester Pongee, coating-free, 300T, cire, 62g/m2   Zippers: YKK #5 MUSI interchangeable coil on quilts, YKK #5 coil on footbox   Synthetic hinge: XD Padding 80g/m2 Light Bed: Weight 20% Lighter than the original and competes with the lightest blankets and mummy bags on the market.  Zenbivy Light Quilt 25º : 1 lb 7oz Zenbivy Light Bed 40º (synthetic) 1 lb 14 oz Zenbivy Light Bed 25º : 1 lb 13 oz Zenbivy Light Bed 10º : 2 lb 6 oz (size R quilt, size R-20x72 bed) 20d weight fabrics 40º Synthetic ($209-$229) 25º Down ($359-$399) 10º Down ($419-469)
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Mar 6, 2019
Have been reading up on this and think it could be the solution to the issues I have with mummy bags.
Mar 6, 2019
Dec 2, 2018
A great flexible alternative for Non-FlatEarth sleepers (I'm not the only revolving sleeper, for sure)!!
Dec 2, 2018