Nov 28, 2018

Idea: Flat flashlight with karambit style ring draw

Hi all! Ive been looking to upgrade my edc flashlight for a while. I've tried lots of different lights and carried everything from surefires to my current nitecore tip 360. What i want is a flat body light with a karambit style draw ring. Has anyone come across anything like this? Ive seen draw rings added to round flashlights (like the switchback, which is sweet btw) but just dont like round lights because of pocket bulge and rolling around. Im looking for something slim and low profile but that is also easy to get out of my pocket. Ive gotten inspiration for this from wise men & co's aftermarket draw rings for spyderco knives. Ideal size would be about the same size as the spyderco para 3 as well. Maybe a light like the panther vision flateye flashlights home depot sells? It would also be great if it was usb rechargable and had on on off switch on top of the draw ring but thats shooting for the stars i realize... Folks at massdrop seen anything like this? Or interested in making one?
Emm1 and Sgt.Kong

With the technology I think anything is possible. I can see it being powered by LiPo rechargeable battery, but it better be airtight. I hope someone with the equipment and knowledge runs with your idea!
Legit, this is one hell of an idea. Some may have trouble envisioning what you mean and be reluctant bit I can see it. Those would surely sell. It could possibly have some kind of impact portion along the spine for added karambit utility. I hope @Massdrop hops on this idea. I'll be looking out for it. Put me down for 3-5 for gifts and backup