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So I need new headphones, but I want to use them for gaming and travelling so it should be stylish w/ no mic. Something with gaming style surround sound and incredible audio from the professional part. So what would be the best headphones for both activities? I hope you understand my question!

oops i forgot to type things down here all of the info is up there ^

Hey, there are headphones up to 300+, but I would not recommend. If you are a music lover like me, want a all rounded headphone, I would recommend Elite Hifi 66. It have a fantastic sound quality, looks stylish, and are perfect all round. The only downside would be no noise cancellation. But since it is 60 box, hey, it works. If you want a small daily go to school headphone, with good mic, good sound, and you know, works for phones, i would recommend bose soundtrue ultra (remember it is ultra). I love it since once you put it on, it is almost impossible to fall out. Sadly they no longer manufacture for android
A lot of people like the closed back mobile headphones such as the v-moda crossfade, Sennheiser momentum 2, Audio Technica M50X.
oh cool i keep em in mind
i bought a pair of HD 6XX and I love them. I can’t really go into all of the specifics of them (let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that), but they work really well for gaming AND for general use.
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My phone is only capable of handling 30 ohms resistance... The headphones work just fine. Hence, I believe the 300 ohm resistance rating is a typo.
Works fine vs. optimal performance is completely different. You keep doing you man.