Really Dissapointed in The Nuforce MOVE Bluetooth Earbuds

I received the MOVE earbuds today. The packaging was ok but nothing compared to some of their competition. I was not able to pair the buds with my Samsung Z-Fold 3 phone, so I tried my M1 MacMini. That paired immediately. There are no instructions in the box, so I went on Google and found everything I could, There is also no app. I got them to work right away. The sound is like it is not in my ear. the volume is VERY low and I thought that maybe I needed a different tip, so the bass could increase. .....I have gone a little crazy this year purchasing 23 pairs, all under $75.00 It is amazing what you can get for around $50 these days. I do not need to insult Nuforce, by listing 10 others on my desk, that are worlds better than these. I just put in larger tips and it helped the sound greatly,but the volume is really low. The sound is now more balanced and sounds much more like it should , but still, I have NO IDEA why DROP, who I LOVE, would bother with these..They do not need another poor earbud to JV with. I have purchased products by Nuforce in the past. Their quality was very good. My experience with DROP is extensive and 99.9% Great. From Headphones to cables, keyboards, DAC, and Tube Headphone Amps. I always love seeing what joint ventures DROP is up to lately..until today... My Score Board 1 to 5 ( 5 best) Build Quality 3 Packaging(no instructions) 2 Ease to Pair 4 Sound 3 Value for $$ 2.8 Final Thoughts- Pass on these.... Mike Siegel - New Jersey


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