Dec 1, 2018132 views

Re-padding Monoprice M565 Planar Magnetic Headphones

I just took some half-inch, adhesive-backed velcro loop, put it around the rim of Monoprice Velour Pads, and I can hear all the treble now, and the bass is no longer oppressive. Highly recommend!

carlosmante, Volly, and 6 others

I'm wondering if anyone has a rig to test these headphones with these Monoprice velour pads...
It would be really interesting to see what the effects of the velcro rings would be if you used leather pads.
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The velcro ring would slightly break the seal the leather has + increases space between ear and the driver
the velour pads, at least, already add more space gives a wider soundstage these are open back, and with velour pads there isn't gonna be a true seal