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Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6XX?

Almost 50 000 people have requested this, what's happening?
Vitaly Pinkfloydov, dirtydomdotcom, and 6 others

Massdrop is trying to play hard to get with the HD6XX?
It reminds you of the first crush with the high school sweet heart
Please make this happen again, so that we don't have to deal with people flippin' them on eBay etc for 3x the price... Ugh
Sorry to see a complete tool is rail roading a damn good question with rudeness and no respect for others opinions and thoughts...I would love to get on a new HD6XX Drop....
Do believe it will happen eventually and can imagine the site going down with the multiple clicking on Join Drop lol! Hopefully Massdrop will meet the demand which is skyhigh.
Every man, woman and child for themselves..... Although fingers crossed we all get lucky!
Keep up the good work Massdrop :)
We know :(. It's by far the most requested product on our site and we have been in constant contact with Sennheiser to work on the specifics of another drop. As soon as we have more details, you, the Massdrop community, will be the first to know.
He-400i is only better HD600/650/6xx ,if you like faster and more impact bass and bright top. the genre like EDM ,or rock. But if you like to listen to vocal and detail-oriented mid genre like Jazz , HD600/650/6xx wins easily.
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Nah, It depends on what is your music preference.
That statement is completely ridiculous. The 650s are my favourite headphones and imo they handily beat HFM's 400 line but saying all their headphones are junk compared to Senns' is a joke.
I'm using mine with a ~ $950 amp, they are far from mid-fi. They are incredibly transparent and just a couple of levels below my Stax SR-007 setup.
I advise people against the HD6XX / 600 / 650 headphones. They are solid mid-fi performers from a technical perspective but seriously lack euphonics so people will inevitably get tired of them and look elsewhere. If you are stuck on a mid-fi budget (ie, $300-$800) consider the HE-400S or TX-00. Nighthawks are also on sale for $350.
My main recommendation is to find the budget for hi-fi headphones like the TH-900, LCD-X, HE-X, Elear, etc.
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for their price and purpose. They must be. Have you tried the 9 dollar ones to test them out? or where you too biased to even try the low end 9 dollar earbuds
I like how they handled  your comments on SBAF, they recognized you at a troll who knows nothing and sent you packing.