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Looking for a budget Alice keyboard? The Akko ACR Alice Plus is what you're looking for

The Akko ACR Pro Alice Plus is an excellent choice if you're looking for a budget-friendly keyboard. This keyboard features a gasket mount with plenty of case foam, a switch pad, hots-swap PCB, a bottom case weight and much more which is insane for this price point. All this is just $99 for their barebones kit and $129 for their all-inclusive kit which includes their branded Akko switches and keycaps. Pair this with a compatible DROP keycap set and you're golden.

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My problem with the Akko and most other Alice-layout keyboards is that they’re Winkeyless, and I don’t really understand why. It’s just another hurdle in getting used to the new layout. Alice layout keyboards that are available now with the win key: Keychron Q8, and then the Libra 62 and Libra mini that you can really only get from Aliexpress. I’ll be building a Libra mini soon. If I like it, may eventually upgrade to a Q8. if there’s other Alice layout keyboards with the win key that I’m missing (and I’m talking 3 modifier keys to the left of the left space bar, not counting having a modifier to the right of it) I’m certainly interested in learning about them.
Yeah totally - I do like the 3 mod keys before the spacebar since my thumb seems to hit that windows key more often. The libra mini looks pretty cool; I really like smaller keyboards too. I have a planck and preonic that I love. Is it only available through ali? I might have to pick it up now that I've seen it... let me know how you like it. The good thing about Akko is shipping was decently fast from coming from China, only took a week or a day less.
ixzxFrom what I’ve seen, yeah. It’s only available on aliexpress. Seems to be manufactured by an East Asian company in smaller quantities but I’m not sure. You might be able to find another seller on eBay or similar but the markups I saw didn’t seem worth it. Maybe the markup isn’t so bad considering by the time this thing arrives it’ll have been a whole month since I ordered it lol. it having a joystick is pretty cool but if I end up really liking the Alice layout I’ll want a relatively cheap one with arrow keys to leave at work, at which point my options will be to order a Libra 62 from Ali or order an Akko or similar and learn to live with that modifier layout!
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