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The Fall Harvest Event is Here

Today is officially the first day of fall. Here at Drop, we’re certainly looking forward to spending more time with our families, keebs, and headphones. For some of us, there are a few episodes of The Rings of Power to catch up on as well. That said, there’s plenty of spare time to celebrate with the community—which is exactly what the Fall Harvest Event is all about. Here’s what we have in store: 1. A sale worthy of any seasonal shopping spree. You’ll find discounts up to 55% on a wide range of enthusiast products. You can view them all here. 2. A geocaching challenge to celebrate Middle-earth’s most unassuming heroes. Tomorrow, Thursday 9/22/2022 is International Hobbit Day. We’re celebrating with a special one-day-only sale on The Lord of the Rings keycaps and keyboards—plus a geocaching hunt with truly thematic treasure. We’ve hidden a few LOTR keyboards in several cities on the West Coast, and we’re releasing their coordinates here, tomorrow at 12pm PT. Each intrepid explorer who finds a keyboard will have a chance to get free The One Ring artisan keycaps as well.  - San Francisco, CA #1 - 37.76845° N, 122.44044° W (CLAIMED) - San Francisco, CA #2 - 37.76849° N,122.47521° W (CLAIMED) - San Jose, CA - 37.34164° N, 121.90355° W (CLAIMED) - Portland, OR - 45.44071° N.122.67507° W (CLAIMED) We’re limiting our scope to the West Coast for this challenge, but if you want more geocaching in the future, let us know and we’ll work to widen our reach. 3. A second run for one very special box. That’s right: our Keycap Mystery Box is coming back very soon—this Friday, to be specific. We’ve received a massive amount of requests for another run, as well as plenty of helpful feedback. For this new run, we’ve improved the contents of each box and reduced the chances of receiving the same boxes in case you buy multiple. 4. A super sale for Super Heroes. This Sunday is National Comic Book Day. To celebrate, we’re running an extra one-day sale on all things Marvel.  5. A new profile for Pulse. We’ve been waiting on this for a while—and now, it’s almost here. Mark your calendars, check your heart rate: MT3 Pulse is launching soon.  Last but not least, it’s a great time to join Drop Keyboard Club. We’ve increased the monthly coupons by $10, and the US free shipping threshold is now lowered for all DKC members. Minimum monthly coupons are now $30—so by using just two, you’ll have recouped your subscription fee for the entire year. See all the perks here, and join the DKC membership hereAs a final reminder: don’t forget to redeem your Drop Rewards, and our Share $10 get $10 Program.   Happy Harvesting!

Edit: Added links, adjusted formatting
Edit: All the caches have been located! Thank you to all who participated! :)

Is it "Soon" yet? The MT3 Pulse announcement is the one thing I'm really excited about, from this posting.
That's great. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out, and try not to get too anxious. Out of curiosity, is this going to be in-stock items, or a group buy?
NoOne_NBAIt will be a preorder to start, in-stock after that initial buy period.
A community member
Sep 24, 2022
I'm hoping Pulse will have a Mitolet option available. (What would be really amazing would be Mitolet with at least physical ISO coverage, but I'm not holding my breath given it's never had that in any other profile.)
Sep 22, 2022
Dang no vegas
Sep 25, 2022
Ravager2019I was thinking the same thing
Oct 1, 2022
hzlpme too
Why do the Portland coordinates bring me to the middle of nowhere, China, no matter the format I use? I am new at this btw lol.
Thanks, much appreciated!
The_Manic_GeekNo problem. I don't know if you're in the PDX Keyboard Club, but there's a meetup this Saturday, at the Lucky Labrador pub, on 9th and Hawthorne, starting at 3:00 pm I believe. There's a Discord channel called PDXKBC, where you can get details about the club, etc...
Coordinates for the geocaching event have been added! Happy hunting all you Hobbitses!
Sep 22, 2022
In San Jose and waiting for the coords!
Wow congratulations!!!
Oh snap! Congrats!! :D
Sep 22, 2022
How do I see the coordinates
McDoogleThey're up!
I'd love it if you would do a geocaching event in Chicago!
Are the sales on Durin's Forge, Evenstar, and Dwarvish/Elvish extras going to persist beyond today, or are these part of today's sale? I didn't note if they were discounted before today started.
MorbiiJust today during the Hobbit Day.
I'm pretty siked to see results of geocaching. lol gl everyone
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