Best Silent RGB keyboard?

I'm looking for a silent RGB keyboard one preferibly a gaming and productivity/typing one, im new to gaming so im not sure what to get. I heard that mx black, mx red and mx brown are good but im not sure. And im going to put O rings for added supression. Currently looking at this

What i like about this keyboard are the media keys, G keys off to the left side, the scroll volume wheel and the added wrist rest (even though its not needed, its a nice touch) I've always been convinced to not trust gimmicks and addon stuff because they usually try to make the base product look good. What i'm trying to say is when you buy a survival knife, you should try to avoid gimmicks like a compass butt end and a hollow handle for a survival kit even thought the knife is really bad.

Jan 30, 2017
The one you listed is fine. Anything quiet would be Linear, Tactile, Topre or Roma-G switches. Entirely up to you with taste and preference. Usually a switch is something I'd look into first before anything else. The premium end would be Topre Realforce RGB, something you could look into. Depends on your budget too. Good Luck.