Matias clicky switch keyboards

I'm interested in trying out a Matias clicky switch keyboard. Not very picky about features, just want to get my feet wet in something different from my MX Blues. Would prefer one that has a numpad and the cheaper the better.
What has Massdrop done in the past that meets those criteria? Thanks.


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May 8, 2022
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When will Drop start selling novelty Rotary Encoders
Knobs. Many keyboards are starting to incorporate knobs into their designs and it seems to be an untapped market so far. Everyone is just using guitar knobs, which honestly don't look that great especially with the little hole they have on the side.
May 5, 2022
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Licht58 by Miaomiao
This is a keyboard that designed by Miaomiao, which I think is nice, tiny and special. Compact style 58 keys HHKB layout with a volume control Pcb is QMK/VIA with hot swop and back light Sense of technology design concept Licht is Germany, which means LIGHT. In Chinese the designer actually named this keyboard called “Project Escape" (Direct translation from Chinese). "Light", "Escape"- can imagine a story behind this design. The designer actually spent totally one year to make this keyboard. So by the date it launched is already anniversary. So her first design, also her studio's anniversary. Basic package included: 1) Cnc Aluminium case 2) Gasket mount 3) Poron Pcb mat 4) Switch mat 5) Hot swop PCB with back light 6) PC positioning plate 7)Poron Gasket 8) Poron bottom mat 9) Storage bag 10) Color available: Black, White, Yellow , Titanium, Soya white Thank you for reading.
Nov 19, 2021
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The first "TRUE" mullti-layout keyboard - Vintage60s
Hi everyone! I am Gary, the designer of G-Concept, long time no see! My studio had join venture with Gugu Studio who specialize in mechanical keyboard switch. So the new studio called "G Square Studio" This time I would like to introduce you my new project "Vintage60s". Another vintage look typewriter design, which is my fav! Outter shape very simple with a touch of decoration by PVD copper bits, which will look more elegrant. So what's new? and what is the special of Vintage60s? I had spent nearly a year on 60s! The reason is I want to make it special, unique, and user friendly! For the past experience tells me, some peope like the 60%, as it is small and delicate, but with the limited keys layout, it is not good enough for work or for gaming! So the 80% may preferrable. Sometimes when you want to buy a new keyboard, you may like the shape, but the layout may not suitable for you, then you start struggling buy it or not! This time I try to get this problem sort it...
Nov 12, 2021
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Anyone else want a Squid Game keycap set? 🦑🎲
I'm not a designer, but hoping someone else could be inspired. It would be cool to have a set with colours from the show, either the pastel colours of the sort of castle maze they walk through, or perhaps from some combination of the colours of guards' and players' uniforms (there is a great scene where it is just their uniforms contrasted with a white room). A Korean alphabet would be fun, or perhaps English + Korean. Some way to feature the globe of money, perhaps ₩ (Korean won) could feature somehow (Esc?). For modifiers, maybe the images from the sugar cookie game ⭐️, ☂️, etc. It would be nice to work in the guards' symbols as well somehow (🔺, 🟥, ⭕️). Thematically it should be somehow dualistic (players vs guards, childhood vs death, friends vs enemies). Bonus points if I get artisans of the guy with the low-poly-count mask, or the red-green robot girl. I think this series had a great first season and there is some gas in the tank still. I anticipate some more attention due to...
Oct 20, 2021
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Tolkien Dwarven and Elven Roadmap Preview
Designed by Matt3o Licensed by Middle-earth Enterprises MT3 PBT Dye sublimated matt3o's blog updates: Back to the roadmap
Oct 9, 2021
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I was just wondering if all the gmk keycaps where compatible and will work without and keys sticking on the apex pro/mini
keycap concern
Aug 12, 2022
EBONYWOODS Ebonywoods in Karachi offers various types of wood doors used in residential construction: solid wood, hollow core, and solid core. Every style of door is built differently and has distinct benefits and drawbacks.
Aug 11, 2022
I'm surprised by how well the color match turned out! Piggy w/ shinbun
Aug 10, 2022
price range questions and info ? matt3o nerd set
I have a full set of MATT3O NERD DSA KEYCAPs Purple Elvish Mono Legend style with all the extras around 190+ Keys in great only fitted and put back in bag condition. Looking to see what they are currently worth if i wanted to trade/resell them.
Aug 5, 2022
Upgraded my Drop Alt with a cheap EVGA Z15
When I saw the hotswappable EVGA Z15 keyboard was only 40 bucks and the same price as buying just the KAILH Bronze switches I wanted to try in my Drop Alt, I went ahead and bought it from Amazon. On prime day it was even cheaper at only 35 bucks, I can't say I regret paying the extra 5 for the value I got out of it though. I basically got a whole spare keyboard, keycaps, 8 free speed silvers, a switch and keycap puller, all for the same price as 110 Kailh Bronze switches I was already doing to buy. I used the keyboard for a few days before popping the switches out, and found the stabilizers on the spacebar to be much nicer than the ones in my 2 year old Alt (I understand Newer drop alts have a better stabs included). Out of curiosity I looked at the stabs in the Z15 and found them to be a match for the drop alt, and swapped them over, I didnt even have to unscrew anything, just popped them out with the tabs. My spacebar feels so much nicer now, and I didn't have to pay another 25...
Aug 5, 2022
Quick give em ideas
Hypothetically, imagine DROP could get any licensing rights for any past present and future GMK set, and make it in DCX, what would it be? (ima start stirring the pot with DCX Nuclear Data)
Aug 5, 2022
Drop Control Connection Issue
When I plug the keyboard into a computer, it usually takes anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds before the LED’s power on and my inputs go through. Is there any reason for this? Thanks!
Aug 4, 2022