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Drop SHIFT "Lock" indicators always white on one keyboard but not another, other weird behavior. Bad keyboard?

Hi, I have two Drop SHIFTs, one at my office and one at home. The Num, Caps, and Scroll indicators on my home Drop SHIFT are only ever white, no matter how I configure them in the configurator, even if I use the default firmware. My office keyboard doesn't exhibit this behavior and follows what's set in the firmware. I've also seen weird behavior with my home keyboard where the LEDs will randomly turn on and stay on when the computer is powered down, and once or twice I've seen the bottom half LEDs all turn off and the keyboard stop sending keystrokes, requiring unplugging and replugging. Do I have a faulty keyboard?

Nov 19, 2022
Decided to bite the bullet and test it on my work keyboard. Flashing a newly-built firmware causes my work keyboard have the same LED behavior on the Lock indicators.
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