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What Are You Wearing: 6/10 - 6/16

Welcome to the first WAYWT (what are you wearing today) thread! I'm still deciding on the cadence and organization of these threads, but we'll probably be launching them on a weekly basis going forward. I encourage everyone to post a pic of yourself below with a recent outfit - listing out the products worn is encouraged, but not required!
Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!
Michael Stephenson, steve, and 4 others

My Han Solo "Nehru Jacket" and my Citizen Nighthawk.
That's a nice twist on the Nehru.
Not terribly recent, but still posting to fill the void.
Most of my outfits are budget friendly (aka cheap) :D Grenson Dylan pebble grain + AE laces Orient Bambino + Hirsch Duke strap Zara chinos (playing with an intentional front leg crease here) H.E. / Mango shirt Uniqlo cardigan Uniqlo socks

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Very nice shoes.
Thank you Erick!
Great thread idea! RPM West denim and western boots. I can't figure out a way to take a pic of the fade, but there it is.
Figured I'd start this off with a picture from a recent shoot with our photographers for the profile article.
Suitsupply suit (from S/S '15), Proper Cloth shirt, Shibumi tie, J. Fitzpatrick shoes, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Kent Wang pocket square, Linjer briefcase, Pantherella socks, vintage Omega Seamaster watch.
Amaze outift + photo.
I wish: 1. I could get photographs taken without me feeling awkward, 2. I had access to a full length mirror so I could maybe take outfit photos.
Oh well.
Do you want this thread to be full outfit-specific? Basically what I'm asking is, if somebody wanted to just share the watch or shoes they're wearing, would this be the right thread for those?
EDIT. Also, a meta question: I just realized this thread specifies the week, and the thread description just sunk into my thick head. With one thread being opened every week, do you guys plan on introducing archives? Cause otherwise the Talk section is going to get real crowded with WAYWT threads.
Great outfit.