Side-Sleepers! Drop the Klymet Static V Junior?

I'm a Side-Sleeping, Long-Ass-Section Hiking, Gram-Weenie. I'd kill for a wide, short, high-loft, puncture-resistant, ultra-light sleeping pad! Wouldn't you?
Currently I use Exped's UL Synmat 7M. I love this pad. Its 2.8" loft keeps my bony hips off the ground, Its 20.5" width lets me go full fetal without hanging off the sides. Its side baffles are slightly larger, creating a cradle effect. At 72" long, I can stretch out fully on my back, but I rarely ever do that. An R-factor of 3.3 is good down to 25°. It's 16 ozs, which is certainly competitive for the specs, but a shorter version would help me pare a few ozs. They make a 64.2" short version, but for $104 dollars netting less than a 2oz weight reduction, I can't bring myself to push the button ...
I bought a short Thermarest NeoAir Xlight, and I hate it. It may be the classic UL solution for back-sleepers willing to improvise insulation under their feet and calves. But when sleeping on my side, it's so skinny I feel like I'm balancing on a rail with my knees and butt hanging off the sides all night.
As of this writing, the full-length Static V drop just ended. It's wider than my Exped, and pretty inexpensive, but at 16 ozs it offers me no weight reduction, and has a much lower r factor. Again, not enough benefit to get me to push the button.
On Klymet's site, I saw their Static V "Junior" version. Still 23" wide, but only 50.4" long, and 13 ozs! It's also still r 1.3 ... As a side sleeper, this could be perfect for fast and light trips, with temps above 35°. It lists for $45. For a 3 oz weight reduction, and a few more inches of width, it's almost a no-brainer!
Almost ... If we can get a good drop, it'd be even better ...
What do you think? Any other ideas for a high-loft, lightweight pad, that's wide enough to comfortably accommodate us side-sleepers?

Nov 30, 2018
I use a Klymit pad supplemented with a closed cell foam pad and never went back, for the price alone it’s worth it, warm, comfy and durable, I’m a sidestomachback sleeper and I’m going to always carry closed cell foam with me just cause of the multiple uses it has
Nov 30, 2018
I'm also a side sleeper. I've always wanted to like the Klymit pads and have tried two different ones, with no joy. I always go back to my Exped or Big Agnes. Heavier, yes, but a good night's sleep is worth it.
Nov 27, 2018
I fall asleep on my back, sleep on my side, and wake up on my stomach. Static V Recon (Insulated): Dimensions, inflated: 72 x 23 x 2.5 in Static V Ultralight Long (Insulated) (Dark Green): Dimensions, inflated: 76 x 26 x 2.5 in I got the "long" for those extra 3" of width and it's night and day better. When on my back my elbows don't want to fall off onto the ground -- and on the narrower recon I feel like I'm about to roll off. Even a little wider like the Luxe wouldn't hurt (if the insulated one had a more subdued color I probably would have purchased one, but Klymit said there are no plans for one in green or recon) But... I don't need that length (I may brave it and try and trim / iron it but not sure I want to risk it just yet). I have no clue why they don't offer a short but wide pad that's insulated. I wish these were thicker though... I have to inflate them to the max to keep my hips off the ground. Like a pillow, they're not super comfortable when inflated to the max, but if I deflate it a little my hips / butt touches the ground. Make them 3.5" thick minimum, 4.5" would be better... and ideally the side air bubbles would be isolated with it's own valve, so you can inflate those "hard" to keep you on the pad and cradle you, then the center is thick and can be at a lower pressure to keep you off the ground and comfortable.
Jun 27, 2018
I will always recommend Big Agnes AXL insulated (or non insulated if you're going in warmer weather and don't need the warmth. It has a high loft and as a side sleeper, I like it way more than my thermarest.
Jun 27, 2018
MassDrop has a black short static V. I have the regular and the short is on it's way. I also have a junior and several other short Klymit pads but the static is thicker and therefore more comfortable. I'm 5'11" and so my knees are always uncomfortable so I started moving up on the pad and using my sit pad and pillow for my head.
May 30, 2018
I've never used klymet, but I'm personally a big fan of the Big Agnes AXL insulated as a side sleeper. I'm not a big person by any means, but I wasn't a fan of my first therm a rest because of rolling off the sides. I've really enjoyed the big agnes though. While they don't list an r value, it feel pretty warm to me.
May 28, 2018
Uh, could I have a TL;DR version of that?
I've got a Double V, and don't find it comfortable enough to use side sleeping. Not sure about side sleeping with any air-type mattress really.
Apr 3, 2018
Exactly! Need something wide - short - and insulated. For me at 5" 9" a 60" pad would be perfect. If they used the massdrop spec on the fabric it might be lighter than the junior even with insulation.
Apr 23, 2018
Yep. I'm a woman, 5'4'', I certainely don't need the 72inches I have now. I would rather convert that into width in an insulated pad.
Dec 21, 2017
As a brand I like Klymit. They have great Customer service too. I'm also a side sleeper and I like the JR. My only complaint is that my knees and ankles tend to hang over and when I camp in Key West the hard coral of my campsite is uncomfortable. Klymit makes a number of other pads that might work with a lower loft but better inside your sleeping bag. I also like the Outdoorsman inflatable; it's cheap and light.
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Dec 18, 2017
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