Feb 12, 2017164 views

Fidget Spinners?

I've been looking at /r/fidgetspinners over on reddit, and they seem great! Anyone have one, and can you guys recommend some?
legi0n and Jasper

Depends how much you want to spend. Spinetic makes great spinners or amazon has some good starter spinners.
There's lot of curated spinners at https://www.spinnerbay.com, you can check it out. Hope it helps.
Not sure you should be trying to sell chinese knockoffs on here
I love mine, I had it printed at my university for $2 and then put Red Bones in it for the bearings. I carry it everyday and its great to keep me from tapping or clicking a pen constantly. You can find many on etsy if you were just looking to buy one straight out. This one worked so well I made three more for my friends (I used cheaper bearings though lol).