Looking for my first mirrorless. Help?
I've been looking into getting my first mirrorless camera. My budget is sub $500 for body only.
I have been comparing the Sony A6000 and the Panasonic G7.
I mostly take pictures but I go to the occasional event.
I want to hear your opinions on each camera.

Thanks! kbwarriors
EDIT: I bought a Sony A6000 and a Sigma 19mm F/2.8. I am very pleased!
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Fuji XT3 use a best technique. Good for photography.
Jul 31, 2019
Jul 7, 2019
The Fuji XT3 and corresponding glass is pretty banging.
Oct 9, 2018
Got the olympus em10 mk3 lately and it is a very good camera, slick and sleek and full of features. Highly recommended.
Feb 6, 2018
Oct 6, 2017
I also bought a6000 recently, one recommendation, buy 30mm 1.4 sigma. It is amazing. Sharpness is incredible even wide open, fringing appears only in 1.4 - 1.6, although it has a bit of barrel effect (which is the only con I found so far and you can easily correct it), great lens. I got it for around 400$. It is like a steal. Altogether Sigma lenses are much cheaper and same or higher quality compared to Sony's. I got also 60mm 2.8, but the 30mm is the one that's truly outstanding.
Oct 11, 2017
Another vote for the the 30mm f1.4 sigma. It's a seriously good lense.
Oct 12, 2017
Although in comparison to art lineup for Sony slightly overpriced, maybe the wideness justifies it. It is common for these kind of wide apertures to have many optical problems, and the Sigma's looking very well in that segment.
Jun 30, 2017
Good choice on the A6000 and 19. Add a Samyang 12, Sigma 30 and Sigma 60 and you have one of the best bang for buck prime kits ever.
Apr 2, 2017
As you shooting more and more picture, you will realized bigger sensor still is a big plus. In this case, A6000 (aps c) is better than G7(m43).
Even M43 has some good lenses, for everyday use, normally just one( We are not pro photographer, do not think you'll need all the lenses). In this case, either A6000 or G7 is fine.
But, if you think you will have more fun(Upgrade camera/lenses etc.) after this first mirrorless camera, go with Sony, get A6000. You can buy Sony full frame lenses after you know what you are shooting, when you get bored with A6000 (aps-c), you can still keep those lenses and buy a full frame Sony mirrorless camera(A7r II or whatever the latest one).
Also, if you want to shoot 4k video, buy G7. If you want to have a camera that focus very fast, buy A6000.
Conclusion, if you just want a camera, A6000 and G7 are both a good camera to own. But if you think maybe you will learn more about photography, or upgrade your equipment in the future, go with Sony, they get both aps-c and full frame camera/lenses.
Apr 2, 2017
Yah, I just bought an a6000, I am pleased with it so far. the menu is a little confusing though
Nov 2, 2017
It's a sony! Their menu's are always confusing at first. I've owned 3 sony apsc dslr cameras. I recently switched to the olympus omd em 10 mark 2 and boy does the menu take some getting used to after my sonys :p
Mar 29, 2017
I had Sony NEX-6 and now have A6000. It is very good image wise. Focusing is snappy. Lens selection is somewhat limited. You wanna get 2-3 spare batteries, they are small and won't take much space in your pocket. The camera itself is very fast, light and pleasant to use. Before deciding on Sony - I looked at MFT or M4/3 camp. However I cannot live with such a small sensor. And fullframe was out of reach for me financially. So I have APS-C. My lenses are 18-200OSS, 35F1.8, Sigma 60F2.8. I also bought tiny flash HVL-20, as built-in flash is blocked by bigger lenses. I shoot RAW and process using DxO software. Sony gives you free license for CaptureOne RAW software. Both are good. Adobe Lightroom will not impress you with results out of the box - you will need to tweak it.
Mar 5, 2017
I hike on the Tahoe Rim a lot and take Euro vacations. I have a Pany GX1 with the 24 pancake lens (and the 50-150 telephoto), and one consideration is that with the pancake lens, it easily fits in my jacket pocket for hiking or vacations. The small size of even the kit lens is a consideration with the 4/3 format. That said, I don't see how you can go wrong with either the G7 or Sony, unless you are a professional.
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