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Help me choose the right headphones

Help me choose the right headphones for me
1-Audio Technica ATH-M40x
2-Sony MDR-10R
3-Sony MDR-XB920
it will be my first headphone ever

HD650 will be a better investment in the long run, if you don't wish to upgrade later M40X.
Thanks you
your welcome, I owned both.
I would recommend the the MDR-XB920 if you are going for a flat sound profile. A flat set of headphones have basically no enhancements to the audio. Ex. drivers altered to deliver more bass or to deliver more treble. The advantage of a flat set of headphones is to hear the music that the producer has intended the audience to hear, and to hear no enhanced audio.
If you're looking for bass, go for the MDR-10R. They offer better bass, but odds are that they might drown out vocals and the higher end frequency and make them sound a bit more muffled.
A good in between those two would probably be the ATH-M40X because Audio Technica's sound signature features a tiny bit more bass which is very boomy and punchy, while still remaining relatively flat.
Thank you
Can't advise on those specific headphones as I never tried them.
But for anyone to give you useful advice, you need to say what you're looking for. Gaming or music or both? If music, what genres you listen to? Do you want something bass heavy? Are you driving them with a PC, phone, amp/dac, etc.? Portable use or only at home?
Thank you