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What's your most wanted camera?

As you've read the title, what's your most wanted/dream camera, ignoring the funds.
One camera you could pick, what will it be? state it, and drop a image/photo and or video link of it. Include lens too to go with the camera, just one.
For me, its this beastly gorgeous little bad boy:
Alpa PhaseOne IQ3 100, Alpa Rodenstock 35/4.0 HR



Curious to know what you want and desire; This includes video cameras too.
Do share!
rileyschotte, FlyingDisc, and 97 others

Hasselblad 500C/M
In my reach? A7 II. Camera of my dreams?

Honestly a split between a Nikon Z6 (preferably with the filmmaker's kit!) or a Sony A7RIII, currently shooting on an A7, and I love it, just needs a few more things to make it perfect.
Nikon Z6
Canon 80D
Waiting for Sony's replacement of the a7s2.
I have always aspired to a view camera - somewhere between 4x4" and 10x10. Now that "real" film has fallen by the wayside, I would happily settle for a Hasselblad H6D (or ANY Hasselblad!). Somewhere I still have my old 6x6 cm (?) Yamaha TLR that I used many years ago. I really enjoyed the detail that the larger image 'negative' area offered. If I had the space for a dark room I would attempt to resurrect that hobby, but alas i don't. Last year I did happen to see some images that had been taken with a digital Hasselblad and they were stunning! I know I could afford the 'film', but I KNOW the cost of additional lenses would be a killer!

Pentax 645Z Medium Format DSLR Camera
Would love a Nikon z6 with a nikkor z 35mm f1.8s lens.I would love to vlog with this setup.

My most wanted camera doesn't exist yet. I want Canon to give me a ff Mirrorless that isn't cropped or held back in anyway in comparison to the rest of the companies that make a ff mirrorless. Other than that I'm wanting the Sony A7iii.
Sony a7rIII
I just recently hit my personal, albeit perhaps somewhat modest, camera end game, a Sony Alpha A7 R mk iii. And it's been a dream to use.
My equipment is pretty good but when I return to Crater Lake, Horseshoe Bend, or Antelope Canyon I would like to be carrying a Nikon D850 and the Nikon 14-24 f2.8 AF-S wide angle zoom.

Great kit - but super heavy for the locations that might require a longer trek than a site within a 5 minute walk of the parking lot.
Yes it is a heavy kit. As I retired some years ago most of my walks are short or have lots of breaks. I did not do alot of walking in Yosemite (sometimes carrying a D800, vertical grip, 300mm f/4, and tripod) now that was heavy. Sometimes you grin and bear it. I'm from the Midwest so I try to make the most of special shoots way out west as not sure when or if I may have the chance again.
Fujifilm/Hasselblad X-pan
Leica m10 as a camera that actually exists. My true dream camera would be a modern TLR for approximately 2-3 grand. Something small and light weight with a square sensor about the same length as aps-h. 35mm f2 equivalent lens. Maybe a second one with a 135mm 2.8 or 85mm f2 equivalent lens. Ideally manual focus with proper dof scale. Alternatively it would be cool to see the top lens with the mirror do proper dslr level phase detect AF maybe with some built in parallax correction to account for the taking lens being at a different distance when angled up or down for a shot.
red monstro 8K with cooke anamorphic lenses
Canon 5D MarkIV or the Canon C200
Canon 5D Mark IV
Nikon D3400 AF-P DX 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G VR lens
Canon 1DX with canon 24mm f1.4 l series lens
1dx mkii is the dreeeeam (until a better sports camera comes out)
D3s with 400mm f2.8 is a winning combo for my sports action images. Can't go wrong with the Nikon D3s at a reasonable price if you need fast acquisition especially if you find yourself in low light action. At 400mm at fixed 2.8, football (I'm talking not American football but actual football - "soccer") action can be captured at a distance without sacrificing stop action or amazing fine detail. It's saved my bacon on sports shoots quite a few times.
Hasselblad X1D, it just seems the be all end all of cameras
Fuji XT-3 (With complete flip out screen though... so that would be the XT-4
Nikon Df. I am an old school SLR guy, and have a Nikon F2. The Nikon Df is the absolute most pristine digital camera that reminds me of my F2.
I got very close to my dream camera last week. While I want a Fujifilm Xpro2, I could not rationalize that purchase with the XT3 sitting next to it on the display shelf. The features and specs of the XT3 are that much more. So this XT3 I just purchased is a place holder for the putative Xpro3 which should show up in 2019. Please?
Mint SLR670 - (SX70/680 camera with manual control) MiNT InstantKon RF70
Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-3 printer - almost like a camera
Instax Square 10