Jun 10, 2016119 views

Hot off the press: Feature Updates to Talk

Hey everyone,
I wanted to give you a heads up on Feature Updates we added to “Talk” yesterday.
Each of your Profiles now includes a “Bio” section to introduce yourself to the community. See here: www.massdrop.com/profile/me (cover photo coming to everyone soon :) ).
Also, we’ve added a “Follow” feature to the profiles of community members beta testing thread creation. Currently, following community members will save them to your profile and notify you when they create a new post in the Talk Tab.
The feature is in the early stages and we intend to continue improving it. Let me know if you have any questions.
TheContraptionist, steve, and 9 others

That's a pretty cool update! Thumbs up!
Great additions to our profiles. Looking forward to what's more to come.