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Is there an adapter cable that can be used on the xlr end for portable devices?


Yes, many! There is a whole cottage industry around cables and adapters. In fact, this comes with a short adapter cable from XLR4 to 1/8" (3.5mm), so could plug it straight into something like an apple dongle... However, I don't really feel the stock cable (DUMMER is actually DCA's upgrade cable!) is an "on the go" cable, because it's long at 6'5" (2m), and the XLR4 end is a bit bulky. Take a second look at the picture of someone wearing the Ether CX too; it's a fairly large (but imo good looking) headphone. The ÆON is the smaller, more portable Dan Clark Audio headphone, also for me the teardrop shape allows it to fit better around my neck when I need to inevitably take the headphone off for a moment. But if you want to use the higher-end ETHER Cx, portably, you may want to consider a shorter 1.3m cable that connects to your portable device.
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