Feb 19, 2017403 views

Grace m9XX vs. JDS Element

I'm looking into a new DAC/Amp combo. I think I'm between the Grace Design m9xx and the JDS Element (maybe Schiit Modi2 + Vali2, but I'd rather not have 2 pieces of hardware where 1 would do).
I'm currently listening on the HD6XX, Fidelio X2, and the K7XX with the Aune T1 se.
Does anybody have any thoughts on these? I've already read through this from SBAF (http://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/comparison-of-mid-fi-dac-amp-combination-units-grace-schiit-ifi-lh-jds-etc.401/page-2), it didn't paint the Element too well. Would either of these be an upgrade to the Aune anyways?

Just go for an O2/ODAC rev B combo.