Feb 19, 2017

I need your Help!

What pair of headphones can you guys more recommend to me? The V- Moda M- 100 or the Audio- Technica M50x?
I´m listening a lot to music every day in the train. (mostly house, Trap, Rap......)
I´m also a DJ and want to use these pair of headphones for DJ-ing.

Try audio technical msr7 best so far. Check reviews on youtube.
I have both, M100 is better, Better bass, better looking, build.
As an M50x owner, I can recommend it for sound quality, value and DJing, It is very portable and sturdy. It comes with 3 cables in different sizes. But don't buy it for looks. Not stylish or so.
Hello mate,
Do hope all is well.
From looking at the types of music (which is the MOST important part in my humble opinion) you typically listen to there can only be one choice and that would been the V MODA-M100 Over Ear.
Not sure if you can somehow fet a listen before departing with your hard earned money, but when I was playing Drum and Bass, first track I played was Hanging Rock by London Elektricity and by the time I had finished a tune bu the collaboration of Logistics and NU:Tone the cans were bought whilst still on my head. True story :)
I had such an epic day after that & I hope my opinion was of some use.
Cheers :)