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Help me buy headphone

Can anyone recommend me good headphones for 100-110 $? (closed back)
i listen to metal electro dubstep and play battlefield 4
i was thinking about the hd 598 cs

Philips L2 is a excellent choice, m40x as Well. Both closed back. Both are better than the Byers DT series.
I agree with most other people about the m40x. i could never use the stock pads on them, but thats just me. Id also recomend the dt770 32 ohm. A bit more musical with greas bass, not a whole lot of midrange though. They cam usually be found used under 100 bucks.
takstar pro 80, should be less that $100
M40x are perfect with your budget and wants, and if you want to make them even more comfortable, buy the Brainwavez HM5 pads. That'll either be on or below your price point depending if you get the pads.
thank you. what do you think about the hifiman he 350? should i join the drop? good for bass and gaming?
HE-350 is alright. They're really light on bass and the highs are slightly killer at first but burn in seems to null them according to a lot of people. Otherwise they have the same good qualities as other open-back headphones but they have great detail in mids. Expect accuracy and neutral sound. Don't expect bass for music enjoyment. They're pretty great for gaming though since they power easily and have open back for having good imaging and soundstage for spatial positioning. If you wind up getting them, they're a great starting open-back pair.
I am doing a giveaway of the HD598 cs on my channel : https://gleam.io/kSWcv/sennheiser-598-cs-giveaway but I cannot recommend it for metal electro dubstep, also it doesnt isolate much sound if that is important for you. If isolation is important to you, I would recommend the AKG 550 or 553 as it doesnt leak as much sound as the HD598 closed back. Also if this is for home use, do you absolutely require a closed back ?
PS. if you are not in a hurry and consider the AKG, I might do a giveaway of that in the future.
Hope this helped!
thank you for your help! are the k550 good for gaming? and yes i need closed back
All headphones at that price point are bad. Lots of other people will respond with bad options. You might as well just get yourself a set of of those high-value Chinese IEMs like the KZ-ATE.
well this is my budget and i cant go any higher. im using my akg k55 for 13 years and need to upgrade