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New Community Mega Thread: Blades

One of the most frequent requests in the Everyday Carry community is to separate knives into its own community. There are many people who would love to see only blades, and many others who could do without them. So, after fielding all of these requests, we’ve decided to give knives and related items a dedicated living space: the Blades Community.
Starting Wednesday March 1st, the Blades Community will be home to all the knives you’re used to seeing in Everyday Carry—including just about any (legal) type of blade the community really wants to see. From productions and midtechs, to customs, cutlery, hatchets, and machetes, the Blades Community will be the destination for all things knife.
If you’re subscribed to Everyday Carry you’ll automatically be subscribed to Blades. You can unsubscribe at any time after the Blades Community goes live, but for the first couple of weeks knives and other edged tools will still show up in Everyday Carry while we transition.
In the meantime, let’s use this place to discuss some blades. What’s your favorite? What do you want to see next? Cast your votes in the polls and feel free to create more (https://www.massdrop.com/everyday-carry/polls) so that we can help you discover the best products around. We’ll move all the relevant polls once the community is launched.
In the meantime, we’ll be hanging out here, and we look forward to hearing what you’d like to see. So stay tuned until the Blades Community launches on March 1st!
gorian2222, Cdoyle, and 51 others

I'd like to see a PM2 in LC200N.
I keep looking at the Caribbean.
I'd like to see a Spyderco Harpy C08CFP in a plain edge with LC200 blade OR Spyderco C116CFP SuperHawk Carbon Fiber Hawbill Knife in a PLAIN EDGE for both. They are both discontinued and would be in high demand by the community. The small supply available usually sell for $300 in VG10. Over priced for average level materials.
I'd like to see more collaborations with custom knife makers.. 3 inch blades weighing in around the 3oz mark.. perfect for edc!
i would love to see massdrop put out a BRS or another balisong.
I haven't been getting any responses to my questions about ESEE drops. What's the deal?
I'll try again.
Will there be another ESEE 4 or maybe an ESEE Laser Strike drop? If so, any estimate on when?
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So, the ESEE 4 drop finally opened.
Confoundingly, the only choice I wanted (and obviously the most popular choice, considering it's 1095 steel) sold out after only four people had joined the drop.
What happened? How can the black coating plain edge knife only have four or fewer available?
I've been waiting months for this drop to use a coupon that took me years to earn, and now it's not gonna happen. I'm pretty gutted.
Well, what's the word on the ESEE Laser Strike?
I'd be just as happy with that knife...and since they only make that one with the coating (seriously...who doesn't want coating on 1095?), I can be confident in getting what I'm after.
NEED : Anything Bark River and Bradford 3.5 M390
SERRATION! What's the deal here? I see hundreds of fine knives, EDC knives, Tacticals, a favorite) or fully serrated. Ever tried to cut rope with a smooth edge blade, then a serrated one? I've cut 1/2" thick sisal rope with a new serrated Spyderco knife simply by tossing the rope in the air, and swiping at it with the knife. Do THAT with a smooth edge! I've EDC'ed a knife, since 1969. I have thousands of experiences from my Special Effects days (25 years, Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner)) and on-set supervision (19 years at the top), plus my Product Design and master craftsmanship practices. I KNOW utility and design. The half serrated Tanto blade serves me best. YMMV, naturally. Short chisel-like tip edge, longer smooth straight edge, and short serrated section for fibrous cutting tasks. The lack of any serrated options here lead me to believe that this is a group of inexperienced newbies, or fashion shipsters. Prove me wrong, I beg you!
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You CAN with the right tools but it really is a bitch to do and depends on the serrations. The veff serrations are pretty good so i have heard, and some CRKT's have it
Interesting. However, the largest rope I ever cut cuts fine with a sharp plain blade, I'm not about to carry a half-saw knife in case I ever have to cut rope. So I find serrations only annoying, reducing the blade I actually use by half. I agree totally on the Tanto blade, but hate serration. I cut boxes, wood, tape, sandpaper, fruit etc etc etc, but not being a sailor nor grip, don't deal with rope much. Wire rope or paracord is about it, straight edge goes through twine or wire rope fine, wire rope, I have tools for that.
I would love to see an EDC for foodies, something intended for slicing, particularly the Spydiechef, which does not need to be dried or oiled after washing (possible contamination). Maybe Massdrop Made could swing a deal, a similar design with G10, or FRN handle to lighten it up in the pocket and pocket book?
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I have looked at the Alistar Phillips upcoming Spyderco, I thought you were letting me know Massdrop was going to have their version as well, sorry I didn't read a bit more carefully.
thanks for the heads up!
Hey guys, i'm looking for a wood handled folding knife, planning to carry it around majority of the time. Was looking at the Maserin FLY 383 and the Spyderco C11WDP Delica. New to this so any recommendations would be great.
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Have you looked up reviews for opniel they are great. Otherwise towards the higher end, I would recommend the Fallkniven u1 although that is a slip joint (non locking).
Thanks for the recommendations, looking for a frame lock. Ordering the Delica after graduation haha.
Why can't the knives be delivered to Switzerland? We have one of the most liberal knives laws of europe.
Would love to see more of these exclusives like the Boker Kwaiken Wooden Mirror in the mini version or included in the drop as an option.
please drop the Al Mar hawk or falcon, ideally in ZDP-189.
As Tony Schulimbrene of everydaycommentary wrote about the Falcon:
"I’d like to see a rounded (also known as a “crowned”) spine and a Falcon in ZDP-189 would probably prompt me to sell every other knife I own"
I'm excited to see this as it's own community. I'll be interested to see what kinds of drops we get. I'm into modern tactical mostly but I would recommend some traditional drops from companies like GEC. I don't know how possible that is but GEC is kind of the go to brand for my demographic.
As a freak left hander, nearly every single knife that is offered here is of zero use to me. Sure would be nice to see some in left hand option and or swappable clip side.
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Spyderco's compression lock is a great idea for southpaws. Their ball bearing lock, as well as (obviously) BM's axis are perfectly ambidextrous. I'not suggesting lockbacks, as I don't suggest you eat nails for breakfast, either.
Left hand PM2 was released this year.
Love the change. Hope to see many more options in the near future.
Ditto - happy to see a blade community. I do everything from whittling to cooking to tai chi chuan sabre. Anyone used the maziomo kitchen knifes? I love them. Like a hot knife through raw carrot.
I was afraid knives might get moved from EDC to Outdoors, glad to see they got their own community.
It's 1st March and no community yet...
You should be seeing the community now.
edit: https://www.massdrop.com/blades
Hurray!!!!!!!! Feeling like a little girl in a candy store : )
You guys claimed that we would see more midtechs, customs, and more yet all you see in the EDC category is a bunch of crappy 8Cr13MoV or AUS-8/VG-10 garbage "knives".
You should definitely have a "Blades Community." There are so many types and styles of knives that simply do not fit into EDC, which are usually folders. Someone looking for a fixed blade knife will rarely look in that community. Small independent makers like Justin DiVittorio, who owns AKW (see pic) and grinds most of LTWK blades, can offer knives ranging from small paring knives in a "Cooking Community" to big honkin' survival knives in a "SHTF Community." Having a "Blades Community" will definitely grow your subscribers.
" including just about any (legal) type of blade the community really wants to see. " That is going to be the nightmare. What is legal varies dramatically internationally, by state, and sometimes by city.
I would be interested in seeing some deals on hand forged knives from smaller companies. Timberhill knives has had my eye for a while. So has LT Wright Knives, Josh Scott and JEff White. And some Microtech would be amazing
I may not come here often but I would like to see some Extrema Ratio, Fox, Klecker, ZT and whatever cool stuff comes up. EDC is great but so is SHTF, camping/glamping, hiking, urban defense etc. Spyderco is always welcomed too.
This is awesome
Well I must like Blades since I've been buying them since I joined Massdrop, good move.
awesome! now just start shipping kershaw knives internationally ;)
This is exciting, not just as a collector but also for the opportunity to see things that don't normally cross my radar. Therefor, I would like to see the classics still appear frequently but more overlooked knives as well. The important point is to make sure the drops offer some value, either by having a good price, special additions or blue boxes etc.
Oh god tank you! There's so much knives I would LOVE to see here, mostly I ask Massdrop to really look for those great deals so we have the best price as always... and it would be nice to see some higher end stuff. Another important concern for me is slip joints, i would really like to see some larger selection here because I live in Israel, and though I like locking blades and have many I really want to have some that if i carrt I won't need to explain to the officer that I'm a collector and I have no reason to use knives for any bad purpouse :P Other than that I'm really happy to see a separate community of knives... : )
I would like also that shippings to Spain and other Europe places would open again... it is quite sad to see that even little Victorinox do not ship here... there are no legal issue about little knives!
I happen to own www.dynastyforge.com and am a Massdrop member as well. Would love to get a few of our pieces on the new Blades community. If anyone is interested, they can reach us at info@dynastyforge.com.
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Dig that Katana the most, Sabre got my #2 vote. We got clearance from logistics to run items of this length, but our parcel carrier would only be able to ship them to US addresses at the moment.
Is there a way to move this into the new Blades community?