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【Roselle Switch】Designed by HC Studio

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been waiting for a long time~ Half a year has passed since the project was approved! It is a great honor to introduce to you the Roselle Switch designed by HC Studio!   【R&D Philosophy】 The concept of this research and development of the switch is to produce a new material that has not yet been involved in keyboard switch field. After the idea emerged in November last year, we communicated with multiple OEM factories and ultimately chose BSUN/YOK Electronics for two reasons: 1. Bsun is an experience keyboard switch factory. 2. Bsun has its own unique insights and research on materials, and is willing to cooperate with us in trying new materials.   【Design inspiration】 The inspiration for the switch comes from the God of Luo in China, extracting the matching flower colors of the Roselle (Luo Shen flower); Legend has it that the Luo Shen flower is transformed from the blood and tears of the Luo God, and is red and bright in color. The slightly narrow bud is like a clear tear in someone's eyes, bright and transparent. Charm and desolation coexist, stubbornness and elegance complement each other, and in the dark branches of flowers, the crimson fruits seem to be transformed from the most painful blood in the human heart; The flower language of Luo Shen Flower is hope, tranquility, reserve, waiting, and faith; We also hope that the Luo Shen flower scroll with these meanings can bring you good luck.  
【Project approval】 The new material to be confirmed this time is not compatible with the original mold due to its unique nature. After communication with the manufacturer, it is divided into three steps: 1. Mix a material with the same properties that can be mass-produced; 2. Synchronize optimization of existing molds. 3. Reopen a mold that is compatible with this special material.   【Long Road of Sample Making】
From then on, the long road of sampling began,   In the first batch of trial production samples in November 2022, due to the high molding temperature of the material, the color masterbatch was damaged during high-temperature molding, unable to show the desired effect. In addition, the injection molding nozzle was raised. In order to meet the color and appearance requirements, our team has communicated with the manufacturer multiple times until late at night, committed to seeking the best solution.   In December 2022, after material optimization, trial production finally began. It was another sleepless night, waiting until the early morning, but the result was that the injection position level was raised and production could not be carried out.   In January 2023, after multiple upgrades and debugging by Bsun, the requirements for perfect injection molding and perfect color matching were finally met. After receiving this news, I was so happy that I couldn't handle it myself. After waiting for three months, I thought to myself that I could finally finish it all. The moment I received the sample, it brought me back to reality. The sound of this sample is very pleasant, but the only drawback is that hand feeling does not meet my requirements for smoothness.   In February 2023, the sound of the New Year's bell did not ease my requirements for the progress of the switch. On the first day of the manufacturer's work, I immediately followed suit to improve the hand feel problem. The samples I received had a genuine hand feel, and no matter which angle I pressed them from, they all had a smooth and comfortable feel like a dove, but It's amazing that the sound of this sample has a kind of ethereal feeling. Although the sound is very special, it's not what I want. At this point, it seems that the manufacturer has been tormented by my obsessive-compulsive disorder and has no temper. With my persistent pleading......   On February 23, 2023, I received a sample that sounded perfect on the keyboard and had a smooth feel like a dove. This feeling was as thrilling as winning a prize. No surprise, there will definitely be a “but”......, When I opened the switch, my whole body was numb, there are a layer of white scratches appeared behind the stem. It turned out that the material limitations caused wear and tear when installing the automatic machine. I have to give up on this switch that has so far earn my heart beat.
  In March 2023, in order to improve the scraping process, we have improved the material ratio and made several samples before and after. However, the sound and feel did not meet my expectations. So, I made a major decision to give up the original color design scheme and adopt the pure appearance of the raw materials. The more I looked at this pure color, the more I liked it. It was like a tear from a beauty, contained in the poignant Luo Shen flower, which was very in line with the theme of Luo Shen flower.   Where in life is not such a rotating development, turning around and returning to the original point. Below, let's share the initial and final version of the design. Which version do you prefer?  
【Switch Lube】   Due to the special nature of the material, Bsun's original lubrication plan was not applicable. We started to remix the grease and compared it, but it did not achieve the expected effect. But Bsun did not disappoint me as expected. In order to improve the lubrication effect of the Roselle switch, a new machine with a new lubrication method was specially customized by Bsun. Once again, it broke through the limits of its own lubrication plan and carried out self innovation to develop solutions for factory lubrication of the four sides of the stem.   Thank you to Bsun for their efforts and cooperation in molds and machines. It can be seen that Bsun's attitude towards mechanical switch is serious and professional. Sincerely give Bsun a Like here!     【Switch parameters】   Type: Linear switch (5 pins) Stem: Y3 (new material) Base: POM Total travel: 3.6mm Operation travel: 2.0mm Operation force: 45g Bottom force: 55g
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May 25, 2023
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