Entry-to-Mid Level Microphone
Alright, so I have seen quite a few high-end microphones on Massdrop here, and they really don't fit my monetary status (i.e., aka, broke) and I'd like to go fairly below those price points. So I'd like to start a poll for such microphones, but before I do that, I think I should listen to what you audiophiles say.
My primary options would be a Samson Go, Blue Yeti, Samson Meteorite, or an AT2020 (stretching my budget there, but hoping that a discount can compensate for that). I can only have USB or 3.5 mm AUX connectors, so please take that into consideration too.
I'd like the community to please share their own options too and I'll later assemble a poll and hopefully, we'll have a good drop sooner or later. Thanks for everything, guys.
Edit - Also, I'm Indian, so prices vary here. I have no problem if somebody else puts up a poll with other prices.


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