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We need more colevrak-friendly keycap sets

Dear Drop, I've been the keycap club member for many many months. Mostly because I'd like to support the cause, but with the lack of any colevrak friendly keycap sets it gets really frustrating. I myself use Norman keyboard layout and find it extremely hard to find beautiful sets with either mono-profile or with colevrak extension kits. And even when there are extension kits they usually cover only the most boring variation of the keycap set. Are the colevrak extension kits that expensive to make? They will make a huge difference for some of us. Thanks, Vladimir
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The problem here is that there isn't a large demand for such keycap sets, and they thus there are very few available. Most people are perfectly fine with qwerty so demand, and thus the amount available, will likely stay at a similar amount. I have heard about 'expansion' kits that can make a colevrak though.
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