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Just received mine today. Swapped the stock switches for Tactile Tessence from Moondrop, swapped the keycaps for SA Oblivion V2's and I couldn't be happier! As for my question: When I first plug in the keyboard all the LED's flash rapidly for up to 10 seconds before going solid (I set mine to solid white). What could be causing this? Also, just my 4 key is sticking Whenever I type the number four, it acts like Sticky Keys are turned on and just starts giving me a long row of "4"s... but it stops as soon as I hit backspace or enter.


In case anyone has this same issue and is trying to troubleshoot: Turns out that I just had a bad switch under my "4" key. As soon as I tried replacing the switch, the rapid blinking issue ceased and the "4" key multi-input issue ceased as well.
It comes just like in the picture. No extra caps or anything in the box... At least that's how mine came. Just so someone doesn't take this comment the wrong way, it does come with all the other stuff listed in the description: USB cable, Key cap puller, and Switch puller.
Jul 3, 2023
DillPickle19Gotcha, thanks!
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