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Feb 28, 2017
In the Audiophile and Ultralight sections there have been some travel and other guitars offered.
Feb 28, 2017
Mar 2, 2017
ya but there's been none these few months.. Hope to see some guitars that arent too expensive there sometime.
Mar 2, 2017
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Hi, could it be possible to make the Koss ESP Leather Carrying Case available to buy on Drop for those outside north America?
I wanted to buy it when I bought my ESPs from the last run here on Drop but it was sold out everywhere. It's on sale again on Koss website but they only ship to U.S.A or Canada so I'm wondering if there's enough people interested to maybe have a run of this beauty on Drop. Anyone?
Sep 7, 2021
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Roon endpoint
Is there any product under development to provide the community with a Roon endpoint?
Jul 28, 2021
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Who's ready for Drop to drop the Airist R2R dac again?
Hell yeah?!
Jun 25, 2021
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HEDDPhones by HEDD Audio
“full-range AMT headphone that has never been done before” Any interest in making a Drop version of these?? cheers, tal
Mar 9, 2021
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Would anyone else be interested in the DT 770 pro?
It looks so comfortable and the black version has been out of production for some time
Mar 2, 2021
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Drop should make a DT88X
Throughout my time as an audiophile I've read quite a lot of positive reviews regarding the DT880 Pro, especially the 600 ohms version, I've seen it being highly praised for it's build quality, comfort and sound, however there is one fault I'd point out: no removable cables. As much as the DT880 Pro is marketed towards professional usage ( at least that's what I think, given the "Pro" in it's name ) it is adored by the audiophile community, thus I'd love to see a more audio-enthusiast focused version which only difference would be having a removable cable with a 3.5mm connector on each cup. I reckon the benefits would be quite sizeable : you wouldn't be confined to the 3m cable of the original version; it'd possible to run it balanced (which would help with the endeavour of properly amplifying the 600 ohms version); should the cable fail due to an accident or the throes of time dealing with it would be much simpler and , finally, if you are part of Team...
Feb 19, 2021
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Just To Be Clear, This Site's Ordering/Shipping Process Is A Joke
October 6 - Create my account, receive a $10 coupon, and place my order with coupon applied. October 8 - Haven't received any kind of email, so I login to the site and check my order. It's showing as "Cancelled". Why? I email support. October 9 - Receive an email stating my order was cancelled as an automated fraud protection measure and that I need to email Drop support a copy of my I.D. Have to do a Google/Reddit search for others who have been asked to do this by Drop just to make sure I'm not getting scammed. I send in my photo I.D. October 13 - Haven't heard anything at all. Order still in Cancelled status. Reply to the last email I got asking for my photo I.D. asking if I need to take my business elsewhere. October 14 - Get an email back from someone different at Drop stating my photo I.D. has been processed and all NEW orders are good to go. So that's pretty vague. Can they not just push through my previous order that began this whole process? Do I need to...
Oct 15, 2021
When is "it time" to get customs on IEM's?
Short answer would be when I fall in love with it, right?...I just don't want to get customs too soon if I'm not absolutely married to the product or am lost in the honeymoon phase. When do you get customs on your IEM's? Any rules of thumb?
Oct 14, 2021
What's in the box of the Hifiman HE-X4
Oct 13, 2021
Thought I'll Ask Here, Too... Best DAC/AMP Combo for Sennheiser HD 600?
Sennheiser 560s and HD 600 are two of my favorite headphones so far. I decided to keep HD 600 but I'm wondering if I should upgrade my setup to get more sound quality out of these... Currently using Fiio K5 Pro. The comfortable volume for me is usually at around 11am but I can safely raise it to 2pm when I want more. I'm keeping it on medium gain. Some things I'd like are: The absolute must is that the sound quality would be significantly better than the one on Fiio K5 Pro. I'm not looking to get 100% performance and my budget is limited, so if some DAC/AMP combo can do like 10% less than the one that costs 100$ more, the cheaper one is fine for me. Harshness is an issue for me and I feel like Fiio K5 Pro is making the audio more harsh, maybe I'm overthinking it. Ideally I'd like it to be a USB UAC 1 type of dac/amp so that I could avoid the mini-usb dac I'm using to connect to a game console, deliver audio to the dac/amp and then to headphones. This isn't a requirement but...
Oct 12, 2021
DAC suggested with B&W P7X Carbon?
I just purchased Bowers and Wilkins P7X Carbon and wanting to know thoughts on purchasing a DAC. Normally I just stick to a normal pair of Sony's never tried branching out audio wise. Right now I'm just using my onboard audio that came with my Asus Z370. Let me know what you think.
Oct 12, 2021
OPEN LETTER TO MASS DROP - Massdrop Airist R2R Sucessor
To Massdrop Massdrop you have A wonderful line of massdrop headphones, amps and other exclusive audiophile products. Unfortunately you have very slim line of dac options. The grace and the o2/grace dac are wonderful dacs but very featureless and are delta sigma variant. Regardless of the drama with the Massdrop Airist R2R dac it was wonderful performing R2R dac that is sadly missing from the Massdrop line up. I suggest a revision, sequel or successor to the Airist R2R. If the company Airist is no longer viable to work with brands like Soekris and their R2R dac the 1321 would be great blueprint to Massdrop R2R dac another would be a budget friendly verision of Denafrips ARES II R2R Dac. Thanks for your time and great massdrop products you have produced.
Oct 11, 2021
Oct 11, 2021