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Please, I beg of you: let us choose WEEKLY email frequency!

I'm not holding my breath, since I can see many posts pleading for this dating all the way back to 2016... but Drop seriously needs a weekly option for the "new products" emails. Virtually every other ecommerce site that defaults to sending incessant daily emails offers the ability for subscribers to only get one(ish) email a week. Why? Because they'd much rather only send one email a week than have subscribers get fed up and unsubscribe altogether, which is where I'm finally at. Drop employees — is this something you'd ever consider?

Aug 4, 2023
I don't have direct access to Drop's operations or policies, and I can't communicate with their staff directly. However, your feedback is indeed valid and it's a common practice for ecommerce sites to offer different frequency options for promotional emails to cater to diverse user preferences. If you're dissatisfied with the current email frequency from Drop, I recommend reaching out to them directly via their customer support or social media channels to voice your concerns and suggestions. This feedback can be valuable for them in improving their user experience.
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