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What are the best open backs for metal

Hello I am looking at a new pair of open backs as I'm currently using a set of Razer Barracuda X's (2020) and I've been looking at getting the Sennheiser 58x Jubilees are they any good for like really heavy metal bands like Armon Amath, MUNT, Arcanius, The Black Dahlia Murder, Hatebreed, Falling In Reverse etc etc or if they aren't the right ones what would you recommend as I am on a budget around 2-300 and don't want to blow all my money on something expensive and want them to last as I use a 120Ohm amp by Fosi Audio so if there any recommendations pls let me know

Sep 26, 2023
I have some Hifiman HE6se's that are amazing for Metal, but these require a lot of power to sound clear and amazing. The ones typically sold via Drop will probably do you well for your price range.
Sep 14, 2023
I suggest you take a look at the Hifiman phones. These will provide you a better Soundstage for the groups that you have listed. There’s a couple of Facebook groups that are about headphones. I have learned a lot from the members.
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