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Creative BlasterX H7 Replacement Headband

Does anyone know where I could get a [third party] replacement headband for the Creative Labs BlasterX H7 (same specs as the H5) gaming headphones? It doesn’t seem like an OEM replacement is even available. I have a few other pairs just for gaming, but I would really like to keep these usable for the foreseeable future.


Aug 29, 2023
@Evshrug Any ideas? 💡 I remember you once saying that you have a pair hanging on your “tree?” 🌲 I was even thinking about trying to get a Dekoni one to work, but wasn’t even sure if the size would be anywhere close?! 🤔
Sep 10, 2023
You can always buy the Velcro or snap to close wrap that you see military pilots or regular helicopter headsets usually have like an OD Green or whatever other color protective wrap you can buy on Amazon and it makes it where the wrap fits over the top part so the old flaky pleather isn't up against the top of your head. (Also check on eBay, I got mine for like $10 for a nice well made canvas material that you fasten at the very top of the headset after you wrap it around the top piece.) Unless you're just looking for a super nice specific material then just go to an upholstery or custom Taylor for sewing things and guarantee you they can make you a custom sized/color/material you want and either permanently sew it to the headset or make them add Velcro or snaps so you can remove it if you ever need to clean or wash it)
Sep 17, 2023
PhlookeGood to know, that’s another option that I didn’t think of! I ended up removing the old piece altogether and replaced it with Dekoni’s DT770 replacement part. It was a bit tight immediately after applying, but it does fit. Additionally, a little bit of stretching went a long way to get it to fit even better! The leather look is also a nice touch, but as you’ll imagine this solution was a good 2x or 3x the price! I like your idea though and will definitely keep it in mind when the next pair is in need of some TLC! Much thanks!
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