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Spacebar Stabilizer Drop Paragon Pulse

Yesterday, I received the new Drop CTRL Paragon Pulse keyboard. I need a suggestion to replace the stabilizers used for the space bar. These are beyond atrocious. It's not a 'sound' issue. That doesn't matter so greatly to me. It's a force actuation issue. The space bar is so difficult to actuate (read ...non-linear force with all other keys) that I consistently cannot space between words without consciously and physically applying a greater force than all the other keys. The spacebar switch itself appears fine. It's the stabilizers on either end. I did lube the spacebar stabs with a needle application, but no improvement is noted. All other stab keys are fine. It's only the spacebar. This is my first Drop keyboard and this issue makes it a disappointing value for the money. I shouldn't have to deal with these types of issues. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!

Oct 8, 2023
Update: The space bar wire was very noticeably bent. Replaced it with a Zeal 6.25 wire and stabilizers. While I was at it, I thought I'd try the C3 Equalz Tangerine 62g switches. I had 110 of them (lubed), I acquired from Thock King. So, I changed the keyboard switches out entirely. I may also try TTC Speed Silver switches which are favs in other keyboards for a comparison.

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