Mar 6, 2017

Corsair 460x

I'm want to by the Corsair 460x, but I am unsure if I am gonna buy the one with glass on both sides or the one with just glass on the left side which cost like 40 dollars less. Do anyone have experience with a case that has glass on both sides?

i'm buying my x460 this week. I thought about the x570, but the cable mess swayed my mind the other way. Also, since you are buying a HEAVY glass case i understand that you will fill it to the brim with RGB. So bright lights shining through a jungle of cables.... not a good call. Also in the RGB department, Corsair LL, dude, its THE WAY to go.
I'm looking into the 460x myself. My current case is a biiiiig full tower, but anyway; I'd recommend the left sided glass panel option if you (like myself) are maybe not the most experienced builder, even if you are using custom cabling. It will allow for a little bit of mess hiding if needed lol
Yes, it makes your system even more heavy. Highly recommend a sturdy DIY base platform with wheels for the rig, makes your life less troublesome when moving it around and stuff.
Got hands on to test inwin's glass case for a few days, manageable, but it's not weight friendly compared to all the steel and plastic alternatives out there, the same will apply to Corsair's 460X. The glass is sturdy, but handling with care is still needed. Go both with sides, unless you have wild cabling and not a very attractive wall, your choice in the end.