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Bricked Shift v2 PBCA?

Installed the v2 board into my v1 chassis, everything was working fine. Wanted to change LED config so I installed the Drop Keyboard Configurator app, but the board didn't show up in the Configure Keyboard tab. Noticed that it said that the QMK XAP interface needs to be enabled, figured maybe the board has older fw on it. So I flipped to the Flash Firmware tab, selected Shift v2, QMK XAP stock firmware, put it in bootloader mode and flashed. Got an error about a file being changed, then the boards lights went out. Now it is no longer recognized by windows, doesn't like up, and all attempts to reset do nothing. I started taking it apart and managed to find the v2 reset button (beneath Space rather than on the back) pressing it acts the same as unplugging/replugging - Windows tries and fails to recognize it.

mdloader, QMK Tools, and Drop KC all cannot find the keyboard so it definitely seems bricked to me.

So far Customer Support has just asked me to "reset the keyboard" and pointed me to the docs :/ CS got back to me and told me the v2 needs to have the physical reset button double tapped in order to kick it back into usb drive mode, so there you go.
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