Jun 12, 2016134 views

Summer is coming. Lets see some sunglasses drops

A nice selection of polarized acetate is all I'm asking for.

Polo sells some foldable sunglasses, probably made by Persol that are smaller than the similar Persol model. I rarely fold them that way though and would love a pair that didn't fold, so it didn't have the metal in the nose bridge. Perfect width for my thinnish face. And a shape that's familiar but not too common (like Wayfarers).
way out of my league pricewise. looks like a more minimalist persols' i like them a lot
Yeah, I've paid about $120 for mine. They'd be a lot cheaper if they weren't foldable. Maybe Massdrop could make it happen!
What brands are you guys most interested in?
Quite true. My Kent Wang sunglasses from MD are still going strong two years later.