Mar 8, 2017

What about an "ART category"?

it would be really nice to have a category dedicated to the world of design, painting, sculpture and so on.
Today (if i am right) we have something about calligraphy but nothing to be satisfied.
romina, Ivy Wong, and 1 other

Well - Someone get one going... Wait, maybe that wouldn't be good for me ;)
I'm definitely interested! Sometimes you get a few artist like drops within the other communities, so I often keep up to date to find them. But having a category specifically for us would be wonderful!
YEA, i'm actually into carving woods and i saw something in the everyday carry but an entire section would be awesome. The list of items could be huge, and the quality the same i hope
Right, it would be especially helpful to get the bigger, more expensive items that you sometimes need to purchase to get properly invested in a hobby. Like in your case, it might be a miniature lathe. For me, you know, some copics or a display tablet for digital painting.
Zandru - Every now and again there are drops for some items that straddle the fine line between art - writing utensils. Color Pencils, Graphite Drawing and Mechanical Pencils, as well as fountain and drawing inks. I don't know if it would be a Massdrop "Art Community" .... I see there is a "Hobby Shop" Community, but I don't know if art supplies are listed there. If not, I would imagine there are more folks that would be interested. I maybe assuming here, but I think there might be many creative folks have interests beyond pen and ink.....