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1.86 GB Photos from a DSLR Camera

This Came to a big surprise to me when a fellow photographer handed me his usb and bam! behold a photo file size over 1GB. Im not sure if he really did get that straight from his camera or if he converted the file to something maybe bigger....Tifff????
If he did get that from his camera what are the proper settings for me to get that. Like do I need to go into the settings and change something else am missing because I shoot in the highest level of raw and jpeg and not sure what else need to change. He has a Nikon & I just upgraded from my Canon power shot sx720hs to now own a Canon EOS 5d mark IV (All brands are awesome depending on the need).
The reason for curiosity is trying to find out how can print my photo in high quality from small size to huge over 9ft tall sizes.
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MF camera?
raw files I deal with are 24MB. not GB. so definitely suspicious. JPEGs are usually a lot smaller at 1-5MB. It just probably have a big resolution and some lossless format like TIFF.
Just to be clear, you're talking about one single photo and not the whole folder of photos equalling that 1.86gb, right? You've never stated what file type it was. Can't really provide answer without knowing the file type. Files of that size to pop out of cameras are mostly multiple exposure or long exposure, stuff like panorama or combined multi-exposures as it stacks data on data to form one large file.
Do you really need to print that large? That's pretty much aiming for a Billboard on the streets.
Yes its a single photo, not sure the file type though because don't have the file anymore, Yes from small size to big size photos from my full frame canon camera.
Then as I've already said, it's very likely a multi-exposure stack, because single shot/exposure photos don't make files that large unless they've gone through multiple exposures then stacked as one or through in-camera tweaks. The average ranges from anything below 2mb-50mb+.
ok Thank you Sir for the Reply.
You would definitely need a full frame camera for pictures that size. I'm not sure why the photo was that large. Maybe he made adjustments to it on his camera after he took the photo?