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Cast iron pans?

I mean, they're expensive and can be a hassle but they're good to have. Now that this is here, would people be interested in having a drop of a cast iron pan?
Lisa Morgan, Anna Taconi, and 7 others

Finex. I'm itching o give it a try, but they're a little spendy for non enameled cast iron. I'd pay half the retail though.
Is it really expensive when you consider that they will last generations to come?
I would really love to see some cast iron on a drop here. My partners pretty much only use cast iron to cook because of the ease of use and care, and they've got me using mine now too. I really want some other sizes to have more options and this would be a great place to get a set!
I would definitely buy a Finex if it came to Massdrop
I don't find cast iron difficult at all, you can beat the heck out of them, it's the teflon coated pans you have to watch out for. Sure iron you have to dry off before put away. If they start looking bad, just cook a ton of Bacon, let the grease sit for a while then scrape it out and whip clean with a paper towel (yea I know there are better ways)
You want the best cast iron there is? No contest, they're as godly as it gets. the 28 is my preferred size one, the weight and stability is so nice in the hand.
Nothing--but nothing cooks like cast iron, be it plain (e.g., Lodge,) or enameled, (e.g., Le Creuset.) Add carbon steel cookware to the list and you've got it made. The uninitiated would be shocked to learn that the old-fashioned black cast-iron may be the best non-stick you ever bought, and that goes for eggs as well. Treat it right and your grandchildren will be cooking with it. Oh, and did someone mention pressure cookers? How about a 4 pound chuck-eye pot roast ready in just one hour, and as tender as it gets. The newer models are easy to use, can't transfer your dinner to the kitchen ceiling, and are totally safe. I'm partial to Fagor, running about $100.
These guys started making pans not to long ago. I haven't had a chance to try them but that might be up for a mass drop.
Also, I should say someone else would have to organize it. I haven't the foggiest about have mass drop works other than as a consumer.
Lodge, Le Cruset, and Staubb.
I'd buy a Stargazer if it showed up on here.
Otherwise I'll stick to my vintage stuff. Not a big fan of most modern cast iron.
Lodge and Le Creuset would be welcome
14 inch deep pan with lid
12 inch Lodge pan with cover
I love mine but can only fit 2 chops in it. Id love one that would fit 4 and free shipping lol