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Seiko Prospex SSG001 Radiocontrolled Solar - Pilot Chronograph

Striking looks, incredible functionality and no maintenance required.
The ultimate all rounder watch.
A must drop!
Liberty, Zachary Klukkert, and 10 others

A chronograph is on situation where quartz is justified if its radio contrrolled and solar powered. Otherwise the damn thing would be too much trouble to keep set. Does the radio control set the date also, or just the time?
Although this is bringing back nightmares of sitting in the airplane flying out of NRT and trying to remember which #@#$%@#$ buttons to push to change the second time zone.
And the radio control takes a couple of days to "kick in" when you change time zones. The one station in Colorado is not quite up to the task of covering the whole United States. Japan, with one time zone and the size of California, has two stations broadcasting.
Being sold at Macy’s for $300 at the moment...