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Dressing Advice

Hey guys, I am a 16 year old student from Europe and i would really apreciate some advice on how i can be the most stylish guy on my school without having to spend a lot of money since i have a really low budget as a student.I would really apreciate any advice and i will keep you updated if the advice works or not.

As Tmiles said, a lot of it is just having it fit well, and wearing it with confidence. And also, probably one of those most difficult for a lot of us young or old, is caring less about what other people think in general of our looks. Sure, friends and family can matter to a degree, but other people? Biggest piece of advice, fashion or otherwise, that I wish I had managed to embrace a couple of decades ago was care and think more about what YOU feel and desire, and a whole lot less about what society/others/industry/media/etc says you should care and think about. Sure if you see something you think you'd look good in give it a try. But don't try to emulate a particular look or behavior just because it's "cool" or the in thing. Do that, and YOU will be setting fashions and behaviors for those around you. Just don't accept harsh words from those trying to tear you down, instead of honest and criticisms to try and help you build up.
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Oh and also, never buy a 100% cotton. Get a 60% cotton 40% polyester blend when buying t-shirts these last longer and won't shrink in the wash.
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Stick with the basics, wear plain black t-shirts or navy t-shirts. Find basic cheap denim and tailor them. Tailor all your clothes its cheaper than buying over priced brands.
You're 16, no-one is going to care what is actually fashionable anyway - they'll only care about what is trendy at your school in particular, which is whatever the cool people are wearing. What I'm trying to say is just be yourself, wear what you like with confidence and people will think you're stylish.
But if you really want some tips, simple is really the way to go. A solid colour t-shirt, blue/black/tan chinos or jeans, a bomber jacket and white or black sneakers is a cheap, stylish look that a 16 year old can wear anywhere.
The best advice I can give you is to find your own style, you will make mistakes along the way but that's how you learn. Try to avoid statement pieces if you don't know your own style however - avoid leather jackets, unique hats, vests, blazers, all "classy" wear etc. All of these things can certainly work, but only if the wearer knows how to pull it off, and that the style works for them. You'll learn eventually what unique items you can wear and what to wear them with.
You can get decent, cheap clothes from stores like H&M and Uniqlo. Once you work out your style after wearing different cheap clothes over the years, you can start to shell out the cash for quality key pieces of clothing (shoes/boots/outerwear/jeans). Here's a couple of basic guides to a standard fashionable wardrobe.
The last thing is fit - probably the most important part. If you're used to your parents buying clothes for you then you're probably used to wearing clothes that are too large. Generally speaking, you want all of fabric of a shirt to be touching you (but not tight). Pants shouldn't be baggy around the bum/crotch or waist (the legs differ according to the style).
Good luck.
Thank a lot,aprecciate the advice and i am going to follow it :D