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MiniVan Keyboard Kit Assembly Video!

I put together this video last night, detailing the assembly of a MiniVan keyboard kit!
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Looks awesome!
Hey, how can I get this kit if I wanna build keyboard as u did?
edit: well, sry I m new here, so I didnt find that was a drop kit.:)
It'll be up some time this summer hopefully
yep, hopefully dropping in July :)
Evangs, When your board drops do you know how many units will be available? Or is that something you can't say at this point? Thanks!
I don't think it will be capped. Massdrop will be doing the fulfillment so it will be dependent on them rather than me. Thanks for your interest!
Great little video evangs. Also really appreciate the non edited version with the little hiccups in between. That really helps others especially their first time doing it. I mean your video can be used for a board as simple and inexpensive as the Mini Van or as expensive as the Ve.A. Great job!
Hey, thanks. I was hoping that would kind of come through :) I'm glad the video is helpful!
Found this on reddit. Great video. I feel a lot better about taking on this project now. And waiting with anticipation for the programing vid. Oh and the drop of course. Thanks!
Glad it helped ease your mind! It really isn't too bad. I used a fine point iron from Home Depot and I'm not an amazing solderer. So if I can do it, pretty much anyone can. I didn't use flux paste in the video but if you put a little dab on each pin before soldering it makes it even easier to get good flow.
Totally agreed. This has been one of the best drops ever! I've not put together a custom yet (starting on a kb45p on Deskthority, but as I'm having to source things and solder the board, it's going slower than I expected), but this seems like it should be an easier process than that one.