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Introducing Men’s Apparel & Men’s Accessories

For awhile now, many of our members from the Men’s Style Community have been asking to see more apparel on Massdrop, but we feel that apparel deserves more attention than just a few more drops added to the mix. Based on that and feedback from our members we have decided to break Men’s Style out into two dedicated communities: Men’s Apparel for clothing and footwear, and Men’s Accessories for belts, bags, sunglasses, and grooming products.
Beginning March 15, community members can vote in polls and participate in discussions that are more specific to their interests. By doing this we’ll be able to get more insight into what each community is looking for and what to hunt down next.
If you’re subscribed to Men’s Style you’ll automatically be subscribed to Men’s Apparel and Men’s Accessories, but if you’re more interested in one over the other, then you can unsubscribe at any time after the two communities go live.
In the meantime, let’s use this place to discuss. What’s your favorite? What do you want to see next? Cast your votes in the polls and feel free to create more ( to tell us what you’d like to see. We’ll move all the relevant polls once the communities are launched on March 15.
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Teaching mens fashion all of the links he has ever made with all sponsors they are freaking epic
Peter Manning for short men, Ministry of Supply
will there be a motorcycle gear/accessories category coming. That would be awesome!!!
Works for me. Man stuff galore.
Sounds great, and I'm looking forward to seeing the various offerings. Good work, Massdrop, for expanding into this area.
I need some convertible travel pants that are a functional and don't look horrid.
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Might be worthwhile posting in the Outdoors community? They may have some good recommendations.
One word: Carrhartt.
Quality linen cotton sports coats.
Love to see footwear in larger sizes.